A Rose by any other name

Karen Moon (Joint CEO) of New Dawn Vision UK Ltd (NDV) met with her partners at TSS in May to plan the launch in the UK of Ngester, TSS’s PDF Invoice ingestion service for marketing communications companies.

Ngester automates the ingestion of supplier invoices and the generation of the related financial transactions, delivering greatly improved efficiencies in the payables process for marcom companies that generally receive high volumes of such documents.

Karen also announced a change of name of NDV to Ntuity Data Valley Ltd in a move she said would better represent the purpose of the TSS & Data Valley joint venture, which is to deliver and support Ntuity in the UK market.  Data Valley is a long established supplier of software systems to a blue chip list of clients in the UK and Ntuity is a much appreciated addition to their portfolio. “The change of name will not cause any confusion” she said, “because mostly our colleagues, clients & prospects refer to the company by it’s initials NDV, and they will not change with the renaming”.

Karen Moon – Joint CEO Ntuity Data Valley Ltd

The joint venture was formed when the precursor product to Ntuity was known as “New Dawn” so the time is right to  rename it in readiness for the launch of Ngester.

Karen expressed much excitement about the launch of Ngester as she confirmed that there is great interest in the service within their existing client list as well as in the view of several prospects. The current plan is to launch Ngester in Asia Pacific and the UK concurrently in the third quarter 2022.


mduncan@tss.com.au        kmoon@datavalley.co.uk