New Business Management

Business Pipeline

Your new business team requires accurate, real-time business data from multiple sources to manage the sales cycle and respond quickly to new business opportunities.

Prospector CRM
Ntuity Productivity Suite includes an integrated new business prospecting CRM tool for employees involved in new business acquisition; managing the process by logging prospects, contact details, actions, events and importantly, new business opportunities. For each new business opportunity Ntuity’s software can detail the projected revenue, timing and projected percentage of success in signing. The interface’s functionality enables multiple prospecting teams to create full email campaigns or database of contact information to import into third party email platforms.

New Business Pipeline Report
A key feature of Ntuity’s online Prospector CRM module is the New Business Pipeline report which summarises new business opportunities and projects the revenue stream based on the success rating of each opportunity. These metrics are important components of the Budgets & Forecasts assembled in the integrated Budget & Forecasting module.

Alerts & Notifications
Employees involved in new business activities will be automatically notified of changes to prospects or events in their field of interest, as well as being pushed actions and task notifications. These actions are progressed in the same manner as production timeline tasks so that agency new business activity is managed in a collaborative and integrated environment instead of being a separate, standalone function.

Budgeting & Forecasting
The integrated Billings & Income Budgeting module enables client management teams to maintain forecasts online and finance teams to merge these forecasts with the actual financials for reporting purposes. There are no more separate spreadsheets, just an integrated, user friendly central repository of budgets and forecasts. The New Business Pipeline data is an important component of these budgets & forecasts.

Ntuity’s online CRM interface integrates the management of new business activity into the day-to-day processes in a consistent and user friendly manner whilst eliminating many time consuming, manual tasks.


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