Media Planning and Execution

Easy To Use, No Double Handling

Integration and ease of use are key attributes of “best of breed” media planning & execution systems.

Ntuity Media Module exemplifies these attributes. Ntuity Media is seamlessly integrated with the finance, workflow, collaboration, project management and communications management functions of Ntuity delivering the only total solution of it’s kind.

Ntuity Media is also integrated to key suppliers of media data such as TV ratings, post analysis, media expenditure and even reach and frequency engines making the user’s life so much easier and more productive.

Saving time and increasing ROI is what it is all about and that is what Ntuity Media delivers.

Accommodating multiple currencies, multiple languages and market specific tax regimes, Ntuity Media works equally well in a multi country environment as it does in a single office environment.

With the focus more on digital media in recent times Ntuity Media has been, and will continue to be, developed with that focus in mind providing a strong platform for planning, executing, managing and conducting post analysis on digital plans.

Because Ntuity Media is used in over 10 countries it has inbuilt flexibilities and market specific functionality that allows it to be parameterised to operate effectively in almost any media biosphere.

Spreadsheet Style Entry Dialogue

Excel Media Schedule

Cross Media Execution

Ntuity Media processes all mediums in the one spreadsheet-like, familiar user interface ensuring greater take-up and reduced training….. -

Communications Management

Approved media plans and schedules are automatically filed in the client’s communications folders for easy access and even emailing……. -

KPI Dashboards

Ntuity’s customisable Dashboards and KPI’s deliver meaningful, targeted information to the appropriate audience be they employees or clients… -

Time Sheet Capture

Ntuity makes the capture of employee timesheet and leave requests so easy compliance is virtually guaranteed…… -