Cross Media Execution

Integrated, Fully Featured Media Planning & Execution

Comprehensive and Cross Media
Ntuity incorporates a full featured, interactive, cross media planning and execution module. Encompassing rate cards, audience data, TV Program formats and R&F engine.

From planning through to proposal, booking, material allocation, billing the client, paying the media and post analysis reporting, Ntuity Media is the most fully feature media system available today for any geographical market.

Ntuity media module is truly cross media and is particularly strong for TV, Print and of course Digital mediums. In use on many markets in several languages, Ntuity media works with the various tax and fee regimes across all markets.

Spreadsheet Like Interface
Ntuity Media processes all mediums in a single spreadsheet like schedule building function.

Each medium has it’s own columns which can be customised for each schedule, client or even each individual user.

Different Schedule options can be built in the planning stage and presented to the client complete with costings and audience reach. Once approved a simple click of a button will book the spots and make them ready to bill and to pay.

Ntuity Media has been developed with the intention to capitalise on the best features of spreadsheets without the obvious drawbacks.

All data is validated during the plan creation against the agency’s media database including rate cards, client contracts and research data.

Ntuity Media exports almost all outputs to spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft’s Excel so users and recipients are comfortable with style, format and usability of such outputs as Media Plans, Media Schedules, Booking Confirmations, Material Advices and of course reports.

Cross Media Schedule Summary Screen

Spreadsheet Like Interface

Excel Media Schedule

KPI Dashboards

Ntuity’s customisable Dashboards and KPI’s deliver meaningful, targeted information to the appropriate audience be they employees or clients. -

Communications Management

Approved media plans and schedules are automatically filed in the client’s communications folders for easy access and even emailing to clients or the media. -

Easy Capture of Employee Time

Time sheets are a pain, everyone says so. Ntuity makes it easy for employee’s to enter their time. -

Employee Task Calendar

Agency employees have individual and personalised task management views. Individuals can see real time… -