Manage agency workflow, finance and HR collaboration on one platform


Agency management software that integrates
the day-to-day seamlessly

Communication Management

With Ntuity’s online project management software you’ll always know with confidence, where to find the latest version of every agency communication. -

Resource Management

Ntuity’s agency and online project management software provides new levels of ease and functionality in the management of employee and physical resources. -

Client Management

Ntuity gives agency account management teams online access to all they need to know about a client’s account in the one place. -

Time Sheet Management

Regardless of the entry method the time is always available. Using these proven time management tools Ntuity improves compliance and the opportunity for the agency to maximise profitability. -

Knowledge Management

Every advertising, creative and digital agency has a wealth of information accumulated over time related to markets, verticals, clients and suppliers. Ntuity’s unique online project management software provides access to this invaluable information. -

Budgets & Forecasts

Ntuity’s online financial management software simplifies the preparation of budgets & forecasts by integrating the various components with the agency’s database; presenting the end user with an easy to use interface for calculating and maintaining revenue budgets. -

New Business Management

Ntuity’s online CRM interface integrates the management of the agency’s new business activity into the day-to-day processes in a consistent and user friendly manner whilst eliminating many time consuming, manual tasks. -

HR Management

Ntuity’s online management provides comprehensive HR functionality in the one integrated, intuitive environment, introducing efficiencies and reducing training overheads. -

Dashboards & KPIs

Ntuity management software delivers meaningful KPI information in real time, in an easily managed and accessible format. -

Cost Estimates

Ntuity’s online project management provides an integrated, agency-centric platform for the preparation, approval, monitoring and billing of cost estimates. -

Purchase Orders

Ntuity online project management provides seamless management of the Purchase Order issuance and approval process. -

Employee Expense Claims

Ntuity’s online project management streamlines the non-productive expense claim management process, reducing the potential for errors and facilitating the accurate and timely capture of project costs. -

Cross Media Execution

Ntuity Media module is a true cross media planning & execution system. Media plans can include any mix of mediums and any mix of currencies -


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“TSS have partnered ADKM for almost 20 years now in the supply of our mission critical financial and workflow software, the experience has always been, and continues to be a very good one, we wish them all the best with the launch of Ntuity”

– Mr Lai Hean Wai, CFO ASATSU-DK (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd