Interactive, collaborative Resource Management

On Time, On Budget

Effective online project management, including the management of your human and physical resources, is essential to delivering your client’s projects on brief, on time, on budget and at a profit.

Ntuity’s online project management feature integrates resource time management with sophisticated project management and simple to use WIP tools to provide all-encompassing traffic management.

Using interactive workflows and push/pull notifications by way of internal alerts, email and SMS, Ntuity engages every team member involved in the process of creating and delivering advertising, creative, digital and marketing communications.

Ntuity is the only integrated and real-time, user driven online software that organisations need to manage projects, resources & workflows across their business.

Project Timeline

Work Week View

Project Management

Ntuity’s online project management software includes a timeline management capability that works as well for lengthy and complex projects… -

Employee Leave Management

Employee annual leave, public holidays and personal days are an important metric when assessing resource capacity… -

Project Completion Monitor

Managing the progress of multiple projects is simplified with Ntuity’s online project management software… -

Employee Task Calendar

Employees have individual and personalised task management views. Individuals can see real time… -