Knowledge Management

Access Expertise

Your agency is pitching for new business. Who do we have that has worked in that vertical? What assets from prior campaigns can we bring to view? What research do we have on file?

HR Biography
Ntuity Productivity Suite integrates HR functionality by providing a flexible biography database for all previous and current employees. This functionality can be utilised to find people with particular skills, experience, languages, qualifications or interests and provides a rich biographical library of employee expertise.

Key Word Search
When a user is saving an agency communication, they are able to assign keywords as metadata that then enables fast and easy retrieval of related documents, spreadsheets, graphics files, audio and video with the same keywords.

Text Search
Whenever an agency communication is saved to the project, it is indexed so text search can be executed against the entire communications library. This powerful tool facilitates mining the very rich knowledge database accumulated over time, based on word or phrase combinations.

Every communication intensive organisation has a wealth of information accumulated over time related to markets, verticals, clients and suppliers. Ntuity Productivity Suite provides access to this invaluable information.


Keyword Search

Text Search

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