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Financial Management

Information is the key to managing the ever increasing pressures on your bottom line. Ntuity is the only fully integrated software system developed specifically for the marketing communications industry.

Whether your organisation provides advertising, creative, digital or marketing services Ntuity delivers immediate, accurate and meaningful online financial management across all areas of the business.

Ntuity Productivity Suite integrates every aspect of an organisation’s operations, from client project planning and execution through to job financial management and reporting.

Ntuity captures every client and employee communication and financial transaction in a single, integrated platform whilst delivering real-time KPI measurement and exceptionally accurate profitability reporting; increasing efficiencies and eliminating revenue bleed.

Every financial transaction is captured: budgets, forecasts, staff time, staff leave, quotes/estimates, purchase orders, accruals as well as internal and external expenses.

These flow seamlessly through to billing, accounts receivable and payable, electronic banking, profitability reporting and financial accounts, giving senior financial staff the information they need to more effectively track time and expenses and better understand productivity.

Finance View


Financial View

Real time financial overviews layer down to every project within the campaign and to every financial transaction on each project… -

Budget & Forecasts

Ntuity allows Account Service personnel to maintain budgets for their own clients with actuals YTD automatically in view -

Multiple Budgets

Ntuity allows for as many budgets in a financial year as the organisation requires, which is essential in today‚Äôs financial climate… -

Definable Business Lines

Using Ntuity you can define custom headings for reporting specific revenue streams, for example… -