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Do we have the project management capability in the agency to effectively manage our workflow?

Online Project Management
Ntuity’s online project management feature includes a Drag & Drop timeline management capability that works as well for lengthy and complex projects such as website and digital application design and development or television and content production as it does for smaller projects. Project tasks can be assigned to individual employees or project teams with projected head hours to complete their phase of the work. The platform delivers team leaders a single view of each project to manage end-to-end project delivery.

Employee Leave Management
Employee annual leave, public holidays and personal days are an important metric when assessing agency capacity to deliver projects on time and on budget. Ntuity’s HR module seamlessly manages employee leave applications and approvals within the project management software platform – this feature delivers team leaders a view of employee availability.

Project Completion Monitor
Managing the progress of multiple projects is simplified with Ntuity’s online project management. Every phase of every project from start to finish is managed within a single platform and updated in real time. Ntuity utilises two metrics: percentage of tasks completed against the project timeline and percentage of tasks completed calculated as time sheets versus projected agency head hours – these metrics are then balanced against job estimates.

Employee Task Calendar
Agency employees have individual and personalised task management views. Individuals can see real time tasks assigned such as the project details and can update the task status, enter time against the task, enter production sundry expenses against the project and of course view their current workload. This feature enables team managers to have full visibility of all agency projects and resources.

Work Week View
The online project management software enables agency team leaders and individuals to drill down into the current work in progress by department, team, week and day to assess the project workload. This feature enables users to reassign tasks, adjust timeframes and add status comments; managing in real time the week’s activity and view at a click the WIP status.

Employee Leave Calendar
Agency team leaders have access to a single calendar view that shows every employee’s approved leave schedule, enabling agency project and resource managers to make timely adjustments to staffing and workflow.

Ntuity’s online project management feature provides new levels of ease and functionality in the management of employee and physical resources.

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Employee Leave Calendar

Project Completion

Employee Traffic Calendar

Work Week View

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