Budgets & Forecasts

Business Planning

Timely and accurate revenue forecasts and budgets are mandatory for your agency team to make informed decisions and this financial reporting is difficult to compile manually from non-integrated sources.

Integrated Budget Module
Ntuity Productivity Suite manages all of the agency’s day-to-day financial information including your New Business Pipeline data. The software’s budget and forecast module marries financial data sources across the business to provide client management teams with a simple, user friendly, spreadsheet style interface that allows them to calculate and maintain the revenue forecasts for existing and potential new clients. These forecasts flow through to the agency’s financial performance reporting and are available for KPI reporting.

Target By Client
Ntuity’s budgeting function enables the periodic setting of budgeted revenue, at the beginning of a budget year or with the acquisition of a new client. Team leaders can allocate budgeted revenue by month for each client and report in real time against actual revenues.

Actual Revenue by Client
The actual revenue to date for each client is bought to view automatically and is updated each time the user refreshes the view.

Multiple Budgets
Ntuity’s financial management tool accommodates as many budgets in a financial year as the agency requires. Finance staff can issue a new budget by copying forward a previous budget and this automatically locks the previous budget from further maintenance.

Definable Business Lines
Using Ntuity the agency can define custom headings for reporting specific revenue streams, for example: Creative, Mainstream, Media, Digital or any other free form category.

Ntuity’s online financial management functionality simplifies the preparation of budgets & forecasts by integrating the various components with the organisation’s database; presenting the end user with an easy to use interface for calculating and maintaining revenue budgets.


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