Employee Expense Claims

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Why do we have constant issues and employee push-back on expense claims and advances?

If it’s not integrated it’s not efficient
If expense claim and advance management is a separate or a manual process they engender staff discomfort, they are, inefficient and will lead to revenue bleed.

Integrated Expense Claims
Ntuity Productivity Suite delivers an integrated employee expense claim module where employees can register both project and house expenses in the one interface. Because it is integrated, expenses are allocated accurately against projects and other expense categories. Any outstanding balances and advances will be in view at all times so the employee can monitor the progress of reimbursement.

Policing Policies
Ntuity enables the leadership team to manage employee policies. For example, employee overtime, meals or travel can only be claimed if an approved employee timesheet is processed.

Approval Process
Monitoring and supervision within Ntuity’s online software can be undertaken to ensure approval processes based on the employee’s job role, team membership or even project value are enforced.

Automatic Posting
Ntuity functionality enables management approval of expenses. Finance staff can review the expense transactions, action any re-classifications and seamlessly post transactions; eliminating the need for double handling or double entry.

Ntuity Productivity Suite streamlines the non-productive expense claim management process, reducing the potential for errors and facilitating the accurate and timely capture of project costs.

Integrated Expenses



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