Communication Management

The very Heart of Ntuity

Avoid having to ask “Where is the latest version of…?” and be sure of accessing the very latest version of every communication in your business.

On-line Collaboration
Ntuity uniquely integrates with Microsoft Word On-line to allow realtime, interactive collaboration on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Central Communications Library
Ntuity online project management feature manages the creation, approval and storage of every communication; from emails, documents and spreadsheets to digital, creative and graphics files, audio or video, all in one easily accessible storage library.

Communication Templates
Ntuity Productivity Suite accommodates standard document, spreadsheet and slide show templates to create new communications in a structured environment. The templates include “tagged fields” such as: Client, Campaign, Job Details, Author, Date etc. which are automatically populated on launch, eliminating typing and errors. Agency communications are stored centrally giving employees seamless access.

Approval Workflows
Communications that require approval such as New Client Registrations, Briefs, Purchase Orders, Cost Estimates etc. are workflowed through to final approval within Ntuity’s project management functions. A collaborative workflow can include your team members, clients and suppliers – each step in the process is logged and participants are optionally notified of progress.

Automatic Version Control
Ntuity’s functionality enables employees to edit communications and maintain a version history with comments; this feature is ideal for dispute resolution. Documents and graphics files can be edited and annotated in real time.

Large File Transfer
Large agency files such as digital, creative and graphics files, audio or video can be sent to suppliers and clients as attachments or as a URL link. With Ntuity’s online project management software there is no requirement for drop boxes or FTP sites in this process.

With Ntuity Productivity Suite you’ll always know with confidence, where to find the latest version of every communication.

Office 365 On-line Integration

Collaborating on a Word document

Communications View

Version Control

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