Cost Estimates

Invoicing Management

Your team has started work on a project but has your client approved and signed off on the final version of the Cost Estimate?

Communications Library
Ntuity’s central client campaign communications library features a permissions based folder that contains every version of a cost estimate along with its current status, for each job within a campaign or project. Team members with appropriate permissions can comment on, annotate, view, print or email any version.

Approval Workflows
Ntuity’s cost estimate feature incorporates approval workflows for staff, clients and suppliers. As each step in the approval process is actioned the status of the cost estimate is updated in the communications library.

Projected Profit
Cost estimates are based on templates with multiple versions, similar to an Excel spreadsheet. They can include projected costs as well as estimated billings, and a projected profit percentage is always in view to the estimator. The projected profit is maintained for comparison purposes.

Projected Head Hours
The online project management platform enables estimates for both internal and external items to include projected head hours, which can be carried forward for comparison of actual time spent versus estimated time.

Client’s Table of Fees
Your client’s contract fee and rates can be registered in the Ntuity platform and will be available for inclusion in the estimate calculation process. The fee and rates can be head hour based, activity based or a schedule of standard charges.

There are several flexible and industry specific methods for client invoicing. Methods can be tailored specifically for agency type, whether advertising, creative, digital or marketing.

Ntuity Productivity Suite provides an integrated interactive platform for the preparation, approval, monitoring and billing of cost estimates.

Communications Repository


Projected Profit

Head Hours

Standard Charges


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