Account Management

Seamless & Integrated

Easy, real-time access to all the information about your client’s day-to-day workflow and coordination is fundamental to effective account management.

Ntuity Productivity Suite delivers, in one simple to use interface, every single communication and comprehensive financial details relating to every project and every campaign, for every client.

Ntuity manages the creation, approval, storage and version control of all client and company communications.

Documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, graphics, and audio and video files are consolidated in a central storage library alongside current projects, where the latest information regarding progress, accruals versus estimates, WIP value and profit contribution is easily accessible.

The interface’s functionality ensures your team has real-time access to the latest and most accurate information.

Communications View

Timeline View

Campaign Folder

Ntuity provides, a single and easily accessible central repository of every communication related to Clients & Projects……. -

Financial View

Real time financial overviews layer down to every project within the campaign and to every financial transaction … -

Project Timeline View

Team leaders and individuals are able to drill down into Campaigns, Projects, resources…. -

Communications View

Ntuity Productivity Suite manages the creation, approval, version control and storage of every style of communication… -