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Are your project costs being managed effectively. Are Purchase orders being raised, or if they are they do accurately reflect the client cost estimate?

PO’s – Key to Profitability
You bottom line will be hit if project costs aren’t being managed effectively, if purchase orders aren’t raised, or if they are they do not accurately reflect the client cost estimate.

Integrated Purchase Orders
Ntuity Productivity Suite enforces end-to-end cost management. Purchase Orders are raised against the selected project with the approved Cost Estimate in view so job costs align with the client estimate and are more accurate when managing the budget.

Supervision Levels
Ntuity’s flexible supervision levels control the raising of Purchase Orders in three areas: against projects for which there is no approved Cost Estimate, against categories that have not been estimated or where the Purchase Order will cause the estimate to be exceeded.

Approval Process
Ntuity’s client approval workflows can be varied and applied by the medium, the client and importantly, the value of the project. The Purchase Order is represented in the management software as a PDF in the client’s communications library within the relevant client project. The Purchase Order resides in the finance database as a committed cost against the project. When the supplier invoice is received it is matched to the outstanding Purchase Order and fully or partially acquits that order. Projected and actual costs are accurately maintained in real time.

Email Distribution
Approved Purchase Orders are emailed directly to suppliers as part of Ntuity’s communication feature.

Contract Anniversaries
Contract anniversary reminders for recurring transactions such as copyright or talent contracts are registered and the database then automates expiration reminders and generates a client communication on the due date.

Ntuity Productivity Suite provides seamless management of the Purchase Order issuance and approval process.

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