GDPR Compliance for Marcomms Organisations

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GDPR compliance deadline is imminent, Ntuity helps simplify key HR metrics for marcomms organisations.

Find out more about our HR Module plus how Ntuity works with you to bring measurable efficiencies to the management of every communication, every financial transaction, every project and every resource involved in the marketing communications process:

I am sure the impending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes are already on your radar with the May 2018 deadline approaching. There are many documents available on the web outlining  how the changes being introduced with GDPR (designed to strengthen & unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union) will affect SME businesses but with a key metric of GDPR being the definition of Personal Data (any information relating to an identified or identifiable person, whether that identification can be made directly or indirectly) what is crystal clear is that as a Marcomms Agency one of your key priorities is ensuring the security of your employee data and at least this is one area that doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Ntuity (our business management system specifically designed for the Marcomms industry) includes a fully integrated, feature rich, HR Module providing a single secure location to maintain & manage all your employee records and associated communications with full embedded security. Now, just to clarify, those security levels don’t result in HR being tied down to a single department trying to keep data for your full employee base up to date.

Ntuity is much smarter than that.

Our real time integrated module allows individual employees access to maintain and monitor relevant areas of their own HR records (contact details / next of kin etc.) with Line Managers able to view areas such as Leave Entitlement and Appraisal Documents for the employees for whom they are responsible whilst any sensitive GDPR data is automatically removed from views. HR Managers are automatically alerted to any amendments or changes as required.

In addition standardised communication and approval processes via email or alerts (according to your preference). Plus direct links between employee timesheets and leave management, including cross pollination of the resource management tools & Outlook Calendars, ensures a single point of entry for all your employee related key processes.

We would love to speak to you about how Ntuity can help prepare you for GDPR compliance within your agency.

HR, human resources, GDPR, Advertising, marketing

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HR is just one of the modules available within Ntuity, our online Agency Management software integrates Resource & Time Management with sophisticated Project Management & simple to use WIP tools to ensure you deliver to your client on brief, on time, on budget & at a profit.

Ntuity is in use globally including the UK & we would love the opportunity to show you how Ntuity can deliver measurable efficiencies throughout your agency.

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