I feel bad about posting this

Ntuity, Plastic Bottles, Waste

One of the great pleasures of my job is I get to travel a lot. With clients and prospects in all major markets across A/PAC and the UK, periodic face to face is important. I recently enjoyed the New World Hotel Petaling Jaya in KL, Malaysia whilst meeting clients and presenting to prospects.

The New world is a very nice hotel, the staff are efficient and friendly, the rooms are excellent, as is the food. The rate is very reasonable given the standard of the hotel and the roof top pool area and bar are exceptional.

Ntuity, Plastic Bottles, Waste

6 Plastic Bottles per day

I don’t want to lodge any complaint about the hotel, on the contrary,

I compliment it and unreservedly recommend it.

However, I see this way too often:

No fewer than six plastic bottles of water in my room and the same for my two colleagues, for a two night stay.


Ntuity, Plastic Bottles, Waste

Conference Room

Then at least twelve more for our three hour conference:

That is no fewer than 30 plastic bottles for a two day stay.

I posted a few months ago about my stay at The Pulman in Legian Bali. They deliver potable water in glass bottles.

I just returned from Bangkok at the Majestic Grande Hotel Ploenchit and they do the same.

The glass bottles are re-used over and over again.

This makes so much more sense to me than so many millions of plastic bottles, a large proportion of which are not actually recycled.

Come on hotel chains, you contribute so much to pollution, surely this is a no-brainer.