I just got a new mobile phone and I’m loving it.

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My old phone (if a 30 month life span can be considered old) turned into a brick during a phone call and cannot be revived.

So now I have a new phone, a Motorola Moto G6+

Moto G6+. Ntuity, advertising, marketing, workflow

Moto G6+

I realise it is not very exciting to most millennials out there as it’s pretty low spec as far as mobile phone and tablets go these days, however, the screen is bigger, the camera is better and it seems faster than the “old” one. It is not top of the range but it does all I expect of it very well.

I was distraught at the prospect of losing my old data, photos, contacts, apps, passwords etc.

But I am really surprised at how easy it was for me to reconstruct my mobile phone’s environment.

Google remembered ALL my apps, my digital assets appeared magically from the cloud somehow, and my contacts were on my sim card.

As I reconstructed my mobile environment, it occurred to me just how dependant I had become on my mobile phone. I had not realised how it’s usefulness simply crept up on me as I loaded my Uber app, Opal Card app, three banking apps and one share trading app.

I cannot live without Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype and Wechat (we have staff in China).

What about Gmail, Calendar and corporate mail apps?.  And of course, much depended upon Linkedin.

I absolutely need my Spotify (free version coz I’m a tight ass), and of course Foxtel’s Stingray and yes I do watch Foxtel, iView and Netflix on my phone.

Then there is my Cycle Droid, Pro Gym Workout, Fitbit, the Lotteries, ABC radio, my podcast app, Kindle Reader, Weather, Cricket, NRL Footie app, the list goes on.

And in the process of setting up the phone I switched on Finger Print, Google Voice Command, Face Recognition (although it keeps getting me confused with George Clooney) and I set my wall paper.

Not very adventurous by mobile phone standards I know. In fact my millennial daughter was totally bemused at my surprise at how it all came together so easily. “Like, I knew that daaaaad”.

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Anyway this is my point: I’m not a millennial, I was born when phones were a shilling in the slot and grew up with punch cards (what?), NCR 315 mainframes and IBM Desktop Computers with floppy disc drives.

My “30 something” daughter on the other hand, has always had a mobile device at hand, originally an iPad and now a mobile phone. To her it is a more useful appendage than her little finger.

And guess what, I’m pretty much the same now, I guess it is no longer just a characteristic of millennials.

Most marcoms professionals are millennials (or recent converts like myself) and they expect to have at their finger taps all their client’s information and to be able to manage their client’s communications, their projects and their financials whilst mobile.

That is why my most relied upon and most used app is my Ntuity Mobile app.

“Ntuity Mobile” is the mobile productivity tool for marcoms professionals to allow them to manage their client’s business when on the go.

To learn more about how Ntuity mobile will benefit you, view this short Youtube video: Ntuity Mobile

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