Ntuity is not one of the toys

Ntuity, marketing, advertising

Ntuity, Increasing Profits for Marketing Communications Organisations.

Marketing communications and advertising organisations have the choice of hundreds of workflow apps, just as many project management apps and maybe even more finance applications. Some are good at what they do, as far as they go, and some are just toys only good for playing with.

There is only one totally comprehensive operating environment specifically developed for marcoms organisations of all complexions. And that is Ntuity.

Used by thousands of marcoms professionals in over 16 countries, four languages and all currencies, Ntuity seamlessly integrates:

Ntuity, Advertising, Marketing

Ntuity Functionality Grid

Just ask Ivan Glaser, Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific HAVAS:

“With over 50 operating entities across 14 countries we need a common system for finance, communication management, project management and collaboration. Operating in different languages, a broad mix of currencies with different market conditions and tax regimes etc., Ntuity is unique in providing one common system across all the differing requirements. It works for us.”

Or Mr Lai Hean Wai, CFO ASATSU-DK (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd

“TSS have partnered ASATSU-DK Malaysia for almost 20 years now in the supply of our mission critical financial and workflow software, the experience has always been exceptional, and with the implementation of Ntuity it is even more so”

Ntuity can be in the cloud or on your own enterprise platform and will return an ROI that results in it almost certainly costing no more than the alternatives. In our experience, when the total cost of all the software systems in an organisation that Ntuity replaces is calculated, Ntuity generally costs less and delivers far more.

Current clients range in size from as few as 3 staff and as many as over 500 so in this case one size does fit all.

If you are ready to give up the toys and drive the real thing to eliminate revenue bleed and improve your bottom line, request a personal one-on-one demonstration from a real person. Send me an email mduncan@tss.com.au or click this link: