Revenue Tracker KPI, It’s a little thing but it counts.

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I recently received a nice email From Anthony Keck Managing Director of Havas River Orchid Cambodia about his personal KPI:

“Dear Marshall, Lovely to see you again and thank you for visiting Cambodia. The revenue tracker KPI is working really well and I’m happy with it, particularly the simplicity of use and the fact that it mirrors the Havas B1 forms.”

KPI Dashboard Profitability

KPI Dashboard

What Anthony refers to is a simple but focused revenue tracker KPI delivered by way of his own personal Ntuity Dashboard. That is all he personally wanted from the entire Ntuity suit, one very focused revenue tracker. Of the hundreds of KPIs and standard reports that Ntuity can deliver it boiled down to that single KPI. It bought home to me yet again, the power of KPI reporting and Dashboards. People simply don’t have the time these days to wade through lengthy detailed reports, they want distilled targeted reporting based on their personal KPIs backed up by insightful exception reporting. Ntuity is a very comprehensive suit of modules and has a very rich database of financial and communication transactions. The Ntuity dashboard function allows users to distill that detail into targeted, meaningful, actionable information.

I am uniquely positioned to help marcomms companies improve their profitability irrespective of their remuneration structure. For  that reason I am co-authoring with Stan Bennett, a long time friend and one time boss of mine and very experienced FD in our vertical, a free eBook on that subject. If you would like an advance copy drop me a line