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With fines of up to €20 million or 5% of gross turnover, not reviewing your GDPR compliance simply is not an option. By May 2018, less than 100 days from now, your business must have implemented appropriate technical and/or organisational measures to secure your employee’s personal data.

There is a software system used in over 20 countries including the UK, by thousands of marcomms professionals that includes a GDPR ready HR module. That system is Ntuity. 

Here are a few of the key considerations for GDPR Compliance and how Ntuity can help.

Ntuity incorporates a fully integrated, feature rich, HR Module providing a single secure database to maintain and manage all your employee records and associated communications, giving the right people access to just the data they need exactly when they need it.

Win 1:   Data Protection by Design and by Default.
Choose a HR Module with Data Protection incorporated at every level in each aspect of our system by Design. Plus trust our Default settings to ensure data protection at the highest level by Default.
Employees / Line Managers / Data Processors and Data Controllers all see what they need to see and only that. Sensitive GDPR data is automatically removed from views with default views showing less rather than more.

Win 2:   Demonstrate Processes for Data Protection and Consent.
Ntuity incorporates comprehensive workflows allowing clear demonstration of the processes in place for all aspects of HR Management and Data Protection and employee consent.

Key examples include Starter and Leaver processes where a defined workflow ensures data security has been given the care and consideration it requires for GDPR Compliance

Win 3:   Privacy Notices: Employers are under obligation to tell employees the purpose for which personal data is being processed and the legal basis for doing so.

Ntuity Corporate and Company Areas provide the ideal central location to make privacy notices available to all staff. Plus Alerts to review / renew ensure continued relevance.

Win 4:   Right to Access Requests (the right of the employee to request information about the personal information processed by the employer and the requirement of the employer to respond without undue delay).

Ntuity gives the employee direct access to the personal information being held by the employer plus the ability to edit / update key personal details (with HR Managers automatically alerted to any amends) this virtually eliminates the need for access request processes and allows the Data Controller/Processors to manage rather than process.

Win 5:   Alerts within Ntuity are key to all communication and approval processes, these utilise email or ‘in system’ alerts according to your preference.

Plus:      Add in annual leave requests and approval processes.
Plus:      Include auto population of employee timesheets / resource management tools and Outlook Calendars.

In summary, you have with Ntuity a single point of entry for all your employee related key processes.

Finding the right technical solution will not only tick the boxes for GDPR Compliance but with our system’s ability to deliver significant agility and measurable efficiencies throughout your agency you can’t afford not to take a look.

Ntuity’s online Agency Management software integrates HR with Resource and Time Management, sophisticated Project Management and simple to use WIP tools to ensure you deliver to your client on brief, on time, on budget and at a profit.

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