Document Version Control is a must have for Marcomms Professionals.

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Document Version Control can save you time, money and grief.

The easiest sale we ever made of Ntuity was in London. I was presenting to the CEO and the MD of a full service agency. I was only 10 minutes or so into the presentation when I demonstrated Ntuity’s automatic document version control when editing a document. The MD stopped me mid sentence and literally said “We will take it”.

He went on to explain that their colleagues had just returned from a trip to Paris where they had presented several TVCs, two of which were presented, according to the client, with the wrong script for the voice over.

The agency was pretty sure they had used the script as approved by the client but could not categorically prove it because of the weakness of the technology they employed for managing such important communications. As is often the case “the client is always right” so the agency had to wear the cost of the new voice overs. The MD went on to explain, “if we never have to do that again the system pays for itself”.

document version control, workflow, collaboration, marketing, advertising

Ntuity Communications Repository

I continued with the presentation showing off the many other functions related to the management of communications: comment trains, use of templates, auto population of tagged fields, emailing links to large files,  the ability to check communications out and check them back in, the Sarbanes Oxley compliant security etc.

The automatic document version control and the ability to

Ntuity, document management, workflow, collaboration, advertising, marketing

track every previous version and every revision with associated comment train was what initially excited them. However, when they realised that they could go on-line anywhere in the world  with access to the internet and drill down into every project for every campaign for every client to see the current financials and every non verbal communication about those projects including documents, spreadsheets, digital assets, CEs, POs and timelines, they really came to appreciate the benefit Ntuity delivers.

It may be sad to say it but that document version control of Ntuity is invaluable for dispute resolution. Every time a document is edited, a version of the document prior to changes is saved in a version history. At any time prior versions with comments, can be viewed, emailed and yes even reverted to.

communications, workflows, collaboration, approvals

Ntuity is so functionally rich and so tuned to the needs of marcomms professional it virtually sells itself.

Ntuity is all about managing communications, but it does so much more as well. Ntuity is hard to define for the very reason that it virtually does everything and everything it does, it does well.

Used in over 16 countries, in multiple languages and different currencies Ntuity is the only complete operating environment for marketing & advertising professionals.

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