Being easy to use is key to Project Management Tools.

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Drag & Drop as well as Dynamic Task Assignment.

Project management for advertising and marketing organisations is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Digital Developments, On-ground Events, TVCs for example can be significant projects executing over many months whilst there will be many more projects with an expected turnaround of only days or even hours. The tools used to manage these projects and the resources required, must be flexible and user friendly such that the result is worth the effort, else they won’t be used.

Ntuity has always included a sophisticated, Microsoft Project™ like, Production Timeline Management functionality with major extensions into resource management, time management and collaboration.

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Ntuity Resource Allocation

The Drag & Drop capability in all task calendar views as well as dynamic task creation and resource assignment in all relevant views works perfectly for short turnaround projects and less complicated environments.

Collaboration on projects is essential to success and in today’s dynamic work place people need to be able to collaborate on the move, in different locations even different time zones.

Participants need to be pushed tasks, events and updates via in-app alerts, SMS or emails depending on their personal preference.

Ntuity seamlessly integrates finance, media, production, human resources, collaboration, workflows, resources, communications, digital assets and of course project management into one operating environment specifically designed for marcoms operatives.

This short video provides an overview of the Drag & Drop and Dynamic Task Assignment functions.

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