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Marketing to Millennials

I recently sat in on a webcast about marketing to millennials hosted by Jules Scarlett who heads up Telstra Wholesale, now this is NOT a promotion for Telstra or any of the presenters, none of whom I know or am in anyway associated. 

I simply wanted to pass on that I actually took some valuable learnings away from the webcast.

In particular I found the input from Ryan Jenkins of real value (again I do NOT know this person). Simple, straight forward and on the ball.

This is his web-site:

One thing that came home to me was his point about millennials relying almost solely on their mobile device.

I tested his assertion with my millennial daughter and he is right, she basically does everything from social, entertainment, communications, research to purchasing on her phone.

Sure she uses a Mac laptop at work, but for everthing personnal, it’s her phone. We discussed it at length, me proposing things that would be better on a laptop and her asserting that is not the case. “They are slow to boot up heavy to carry around and cumbersome when I can simply do it on my phone” she said.

At one stage my daughter became defensive about her position and I had to apologise to her because it was me that should be defensive. It was me that had to learn to understand her position if we are to successfuly target millennials in our marketing.

At Ntuity we spent quite a bit of time (and money) discovering our target market persona. Guess what, it is millennials.

I have to admit that result came as a surpise as previously we thought they would be “C” suites but the experts we engaged to do the research identified that the people feeling the pain and the most likely to complain are those at the rock face in agencies. Thirty somethings, middle management, aspirational, 60% female by number, no kids – millennials. They will research the solution, bring it to the appropriate “C” suiter and push the decision.

Thanks to Ryan (and Telstra) we will be agressively trying to implement the learnings from the webcast and migrate from the 2.9% band of “Not at all well” to the 2.9% of “Extremely well” as represented in the graph above.

If you are interested in the webcast you can view it here:


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PS I have not sought Telstra’s permission to reproduce the graphic or Ryan Jenkin’s permission to mention him herein, so I hope neither will sue me.