Do marketing communications companies pay enough attention to HR?

HR Human Resources

I am constantly surprised at the take-up of Ntuity’s HR module, so much so I recently posed this question to one of our larger UK clients “Why did you choose Ntuity’s HR module when HR software apps are a dime a dozen?”. The response was short and sweet, “Because they are generally stand alone applications, Ntuity’s HR is not”.

Ntuity’s HR module is of course, seamlessly integrated into the rest of the productivity suite and that was what they wanted: seamless, integrated and part of the agency’s standard processes, not a stand-alone function.

I am also constantly amazed at how poorly a lot of marcoms organisations manage HR when people are their greatest asset.

Why did we develop a HR module?

HR Human Resources

HR Communications Repository

Ntuity is all about productivity: managing communications be they documents, emails, spreadsheets, slide shows, graphics files, audio, video. Ntuity also manages any related workflow processes. HR involves a lot of such communications and approval processes, and if they have to be managed in a different manner to other communications then the “system will break”.

Trust me on this, if users have to do things differently depending on the application the system will break.

Ntuity promotes standardisation in processes, approvals and filing disciplines.

There are other reasons that an integrated environment brings real efficiencies:
One platform for employee timesheets and leave management means single entry of information and cross pollination of resource management within the project and traffic management functions.

The HR module is comprehensive in scope including automatic reminders of key dates and anniversaries and importantly the ability to register amendments to employee’s conditions in advance of their date of application.

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HR Employee Metrics Dialogue

Current and past employee biographical and portfolio information is a valuable knowledge base when pitching for new business. If it is silo’d in a stand-alone system that key data is not readily available, whereas in Ntuity it is there, and can be mined as a bi-product of the HR process.

Integration Makes Sense.

The Manager of HR, whatever their title, is such an important and integral participant in the organisation’s management, why would their HR system stand alone from the organisation’s operating environment, it simply doesn’t make sense.

Our HR module has been designed by our clients to suit their purposes and everyone we show it to is blown away by it’s functionality. Recent enhancements have been done to conform with GDPR which is now in force in the EU.

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