What does this little icon mean to you?

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There is so much happening in the marcoms space much of which impacts the bottom line.

The shifting work patterns, the increased mobility of staff and the greater demands from clients dictates better tools for your staff to allow them to be more productive.

Some time ago Google docs introduced a very productive feature, the ability to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. By collaborate I mean, in real time multiple participants can edit the same file and all participants can view each other’s  contributions – in real time.

So employees, clients and even suppliers can collaborate on the same document, spreadsheet and/or presentation concurrently. Very productive.

However, there is a problem  or two. Google docs are not native Microsoft files and the vast majority of such communication files in the marcom space are native Microsoft files. That means there is a conversion step prior to and post the collaboration session.

Another problem is that the Google docs functionality is almost certainly not seamlessly embedded into the organisation’s workflow and communication managements process and that imposes additional steps for the user to make use of that functionality. That results in less than 100% productivity and a propensity on behalf of the participants to not utilize that functionality.

So, the introduction of that little icon into the Ntuity marcoms productivity suite solves those problems.

To you, that means enhanced efficiencies, improved bottom line.

That little icon is of course the Microsoft Office 365 Online icon. Ntuity now integrates Word Online, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online seamlessly into the Ntuity communications management suite.

Ntuity is all about managing communications in a user friendly but comprehensive environment specifically designed for marcoms professionals. That little icon means that users of Ntuity can now collaborate interactively on-line with other employees, clients and even suppliers on Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

This short video provides a glimpse of the possibilities: Ntuity and Office 365

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