Mobile apps are so convenient – or are they?

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Mobile apps are so convenient, while on the go we can check the weather, buy a lottery ticket, book a ride, review a restaurant and maybe connect with a potential date or even a potential mate.

Mobile apps came about because we are mobile. Personal transport, public transport, air transport are all so available to us that we now spend more time “on the go” then ever before.

It may be coincidental or it may be a symptom of cause and effect but at the same time the traditional “office hours”, even the traditional “office”, have become less regimented, more flexible.

That flexibility frees us, maybe even causes us to be more “on the go”.

A possible down side of this connectivity is that it translates to “availability”. That means we are also readily available to our friends, family, colleagues, employer and others outside of that sphere, potentially robbing us of “me time”.

Our “availability” of course also applies to our clients.

This may or may not be a good thing, however it is up to us to turn it to our advantage. In this day of “instant gratification” and intense competition the need to be responsive to our clients is ignored at our peril.

The access to mobile email and calendar has been real for so long now that we refer to them constantly when we are on the go, they are invaluable tools as far as they go.

I have been intensely involved in the marcoms industry for over 25 years and I have learned a few things. A key learning is this: immediate accessibility to accurate client related information is critical to providing the client with the highest level of service.

Being both responsive to their demands and proactive to their needs, means having ready access to all project status, all financial information and all communications related to that client. And that means being secure in the knowledge that you have the current project status, the up to date financials and the current version of all communications.

Without that being in place the potential for revenue bleed, and even worse, dispute with the client is inevitable.

To provide a solution to that we developed, in partnership with several major marcoms entities, Ntuity the marcoms professional’s operating environment.

And now Ntuity goes mobile to provide marcoms professionals with “on the go” management of their client’s information.

Office 365, Ntuity, Collaboration, Advertising, Marketing

Ntuity Mobile also includes integration with MS Office 365 Online to deliver real-time, interactive collaboration on MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

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