“There is no comparable Document Management system available today”

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So says Ivan Glaser, Chief Information Officer – Asia Pacific at Havas.

Ivan is talking about Ntuity, the marcoms focused productivity suite.

In particular he is referring to the document management functionality of Ntuity.

High praise indeed from someone in the know, and Ivan is the guy in the know being responsible for information systems for over 2500 staff across 28 offices and 14 countries.

“In my experience there is nothing else available that does document management like Ntuity does.

Ntuity replaces all other non-integrated systems attempting to provide collaboration between agency staff, suppliers and of course clients.

And Ntuity does it with a single point of entry for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics files as well as audio and video files.

With features like in-app emailing, automatic version control, large file transfer, real time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and so many  more, the staff take-up is exceptional.

Agencies are about communications and having the best environment to manage them is crucial, Ntuity delivers that for Havas.

The fact that Ntuity seamlessly integrates finance, media, job-costing, project management and human resource management is a real bonus.

Our staff only have to go to one place to find everything they need in terms of the current status of the client’s projects and associated communications. It makes them so much more productive and our revenue capture so much more efficient.

In my opinion, the only way you can fully appreciate how Ntuity can benefit your organisation is to experience it.”

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Author’s note: Just a heads up, HAVAS skin Ntuity internally as “Starflow powered by Ntuity” but the functionality is all Ntuity.