Seen Agency chooses TSS as Business Partner

Lachlan Gill, Founder of “Seen Agency”, has announced the appointment of TSS as business and technology partner in the launch of their small business on-line presence management platform 

Lachlan Gill
Founder Seen Agency

Said Lachlan, when making the announcement, “We needed a nimble, established, and reputable partner with technology skills and a significant presence in the media & advertising space. TSS was the obvious choice.

The demand is high, and increasing exponentially, for skills and services to guide small businesses in growing their business. We do that by effectively managing their on-line presence including advertising.

Our business launched with three clients but has generated considerable new business potential.  We recognise we have to harness appropriate technology to accommodate the increasing volumes.

TSS quickly created our web-site and developed the back end application that automates the management of the SMB’s presence and advertising.  To achieve that the application integrates with Google Ads and Google Business Profile via Google’s APIs”.

Marshall Duncan
Chairman TSS Group

Marshall Duncan, Chairman of the TSS Group, said “It is a delight partnering with Lachlan and his team because of their professionalism and extensive experience in media and in particular digital media.

Their brief was for us to develop GoGetSeen to allow their media specialist operatives to communicate with the SMB management, interpret their requirements and morph them into an effective on-line presence resulting in growing their business.

An essential component is the management of their on-line advertising from brief through placement, to billing the client and paying the suppliers. Basically our bread and butter.

We are very excited to be a part of this exciting opportunity in Australia and look forward to leveraging our international presence to take the business global”.

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