Sending large files over the net can be a pain

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Sending large files such as photo galleries, videos, presentations etc. can be a pain. Fortunately there are free services out there to accommodate sending large files to multiple recipients.

These are just a few of the options:

Wesend, Wesendit, Wetransfer, Dropbox,, and there are many others.

Less elegant is the old “upload to an FTP site” and send the link by email.

Most free solutions work reasonably well and even include encryption as well as notifications of downloads by recipients. Of course you have to pay to upgrade to the “professional” version.

Marcoms operatives deal in large files all the time. Presentations, Audio, Video, Digital assets etc and many of their clients and suppliers have email file size limits and even rules disallowing some file types so the ability to easilly and securely manage large file transfer is critical to their job.

So let me tell you a little story, sad but true.

The NYC office of a global agency network at which a friend of mine works recently lost a pitch, not that newsworthy really, except that they subsequently discovered that their staff were using one of the above service’s free version to collaborate on the pitch assets with shared user credentials.

A senior staff member had left the agency prior to the pitch, joined the competition, retained access to the service and was receiving the updates on the pitch deck.

Is that why they lost the pitch to that competitor?, possibly, they will probably never know but the doubt remains.

Now you could ask yourself, how did the agency allow this situation to arise and that is another story.

You should also reassure yourself it couldn’t happen in your organisation.

One way to do that is to use a single, marcoms specific operating environment that includes all the document management functionality you need in a user friendly, secure fashion.

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Free apps and non-integrated apps are OK for personal use but they have no place in a responsible commercial organisation handling confidential files on behalf of their clients.

Ntuity is all about managing communications and integrating them with financial transactions, workflows, approval processes, resource management & project management.

That is why Ntuity eliminates the need for additional non-integrated and potentially non-secure apps.

Ntuity does it ALL in an intuitive but comprehensive marcoms centric operating environment.

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