TSS and Day8 Technology form a Technology Partnership

To enhance the functionality of the complimentary products of both organisations as they apply to Advertising Agencies and major media organisations, TSS & Day8 have formed a technology partnership.

The aim is to improve even further the integration of their various products to deliver greater efficiencies to their clients on both sides of the industry.

Day8 systems optimise up to 1,000 campaigns a day. Their products include unrivalled campaign optimisation, along with workflow modules to manage and streamline the way Agencies, Advertisers and the Media work together.

Both media agencies and TV broadcasters will benefit from more seamless integration delivering speedier and less manual intervention in transacting proposals, EPG, R&F, Avails and of course bookings between their businesses.

The products in focus are:

TSS’s Comprehensive system for Media Agency professionals and TV sales professionals to optimize, analyse, propose and confirm TV bookings between broadcasters and advertising agencies.

Day8’s Workflow system that allows Agencies and Networks to exchange important information such as avails and impressions files.

Day8’s spot optimiser for creating Agency proposals.

Day8’s optimiser and brief capture system for audience-based campaigns that maximise Network yield.

Day8’s VOZ-based Reach & Frequency system.

Day8’s Media supplier’s tool for ratecard negotiation with Agencies

Mike Thompson

“There is great synergy between the two organisations, this will work well and bring real benefits to our clients” Mike Thompson CEO Day8 Technology.  mike.thompson@day8.com.au




“We welcome this initiative as Day8 are great to work with and the industry will reap the rewards” Marshall Duncan Chairman TSS.  mduncan@tss.com.au